Zhongyu - Zhongyu

Zhongyu cover
MoonJune Records
Zhongyu is a US band with a Chinese name, which means “finally”, formed by composer & multi-instrumentalist Jon Davis. Along come Dennis Rea on electric guitar & resonator guitar, Alicia DeJoie on electric violin, James DeJoie on baritone saxophone, flute & bass clarinet and Randy Doak on drums & percussion. Let’s not forget to mention the special guest Daniel Barry on trumpet.
As some may have guessed, this band mixes various music styles from the East and the West. Hence, we have instrumental prog rock, jazz/rock & Asian music with atmospheric & avant-garde passages. The production is soft, smooth and clear making the whole listening somewhat “easy-going”. The album was produced by Jon, co-produced by Dennis, recorded & mixed (with Jon & Dennis) by legendary engineer Steve Fisk and mastered by Steve Turnidge at UltraViolet Studio.
This ain’t an “easy-listening” album and it doesn’t address the majority of the “so-called” progressive fans. Those who fancy the Asian culture & music will revel in it, no matter what, as it is true that the East & West music can be wonderfully combined under specific circumstances and Jon shows exactly that on this debut release.