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Work Of Art
Frontiers Music srl
Work Of Art have managed to become a bit of a modern day AOR powerhouse, with their guitarist Robert Sall, in particular, also busy in projects like WET (along side JSS and Erik from Eclipse) and the newly minted Groundbreaker, where he collaborates with FM’s Steve Overland, another cornerstone artist of the genre. With so much on at least one members plate, coming up with a new album took a bit longer than one would normally anticipate.
Thing are pretty much as you might remember them, smooth AOR with Westcoast atmosphere and the fine vocals of Lars Safsund. Of note is the participation of Vince DiCola, who’s scored music on films like “Rocky IV” and “Staying Alive”, who’s contributing keyboards on the album.
There’s a healthy number of nice tunes on the album. The opener “Misguided Love” is a high energy melodic rocker, that could have easily found it way on the soundtrack of some 80s movie if it had been written then.
“Be the Believer” is pompous AOR but, the real deal mellow hard edged AOR archetypal ballad, that Survivor might have been envious of, comes in the shape of “Another Night”.
“This isn’t Love”, which sees DiCola also collaborating on the composition side of things, is another winner, a more dramatic, but at the same time epic tune, that would have felt right at home in Rocky IV’s excellent soundtrack.
“Gotta Get Out” smooths things over, but has a dynamic bridge and chorus, without betraying its AOR roots.
“Come Home” is marginally harder, as the guitars are a little edgier on it, but just as melodic and if I could fly, is even more so, but has the same rousing quality that makes several Tyketto numbers irresistible.
“Destined to Survive” follows the same formula pretty much but feels a bit more wholesome.
“Scars to Prove It” has a neat, funky riff about it, that’s several notches harder than almost anything that comes before it, but it ends up groovier for it, not really crossing over to real hard rock territory. It feels like something that JSS might have sung, I guess and no one would really, bat an eyelid.
“What You Want from Me” is another guitar centric melodic number, which balances nice the riff with lush keyboard splashes and even more lush vocal harmonies.
Last but certainly not least, “Let Me Dream” is a penultimate AOR number, with a smooth nocturnal LA vibe, which feels as if it could have been featured in a lost episode of Miami Vice.
Work Of Art have managed to create another awesome “artwork” that will certainly appease those in the know and might even entice some first timers, with its smooth and sultry melodies. Recommended.