Wolf - Devil Seed

Wolf Devil Seed cover
Devil Seed
Century Media
No one can possibly blame Wolf of jumping on any wagon of retro metal worship as Niklas “Viper” Stålvind, now the sole original member, and his pals through the years, all some very respected Swedish musicians, plucked from some of the best bands around, have been churning this old school inspired metal since day one back in the mid-90s when they whole thing wasn’t too popular and they have never attempted to bastardize their vision with modern elements, as more successful bands (ie Hammerfall) did, only to fail miserably and decide to make a return to their comfort zone – where the mula i$.
So album number seven, still on Century Media, finds the band in fine form, blasting out some fine, fine old school inspired metal and might be one of their better attempts yet.
“Overture in C Shark” / “Shark Attack” is a tasty melodic intro with some threatening “theme” played over and over until the main riff of the actual song which is not too dissimilar breaks and an Acceptoid, monolithic aural attack on your senses that really swallows you in one snapping bite!
“Skeleton Woman” begins with an escalating intro and some playful guitar riffs, while it stays in more mid-tempo territory with a twist, as it grooves with this very tiny syncopation that makes it very tasty... also the mid-section that’s very melodic is quite interesting. Nasty bit of work.
“Surgeons of Lobotomy” drops speed to a minimum and goes for a “heavy” approach. It still got a melodic bridge and chorus that make a contrast to its rather crude verses and is another good riff laden piece of delight.
“My Demon” comes down, with a slamming riff, that repeats multiple times. A break, simple structure really, but it really works wonders. Just let this demon “Rock & Roll”!
The really complex lick that signifies “I Am Pain” gives way to a simpler riff that however is exchanged with that initial motif throughout, in this highly melodious and quite deep, sensational mid tempo track that slowly develops into quite a stomper and will have you tapping your feet easily.
“Back from the Grave” again begins with some tasteful guitar playing, but being one of the simpler songs one the album, while not being bad was the least gratifying. While certainly not a filler, it was only its riff and wild solo that kept me going.
“The Dark Passenger” is one slow – mutha, a sluggish power metal track that’s not doom metal either, because it’s too fast for that, so it ends up being like some bizarre hybrid. In all honesty, it’s another track that I really found a little difficult to get into.
It was far easier for me how ever to dive into the waters of the “River Everlost”. A mid-tempo crunchy type of riff, a lyrical bridge/prechorus that actually ends in being the chorus as well, in the last line. The weighty and tastefully executed guitars here are almost doomy and the power metal, it flowing wild and free. Awesome!
And while we’re reaching almost the end “Frozen” is not a bad track, as its chorus is quite “there”, but some of its verses seem to work better than others. At least it makes good work of the dynamics.
Last but certainly not least “Killing Floor” is another gem in the crown of these Swedish kings. “Vengeance Calling”!!!
I wonder when this Swedish predator, this Wolf has already brought about the Ragnarok – how can people still give a toss about has been like Iced Earth and their recent crappy output. Or the fourth rate vocals of the one trick pony band that Sabaton is and so on and so forth... when bands like this one, Tad Morose and a handful of others (Myrath, Tellus Requiem, Dynazty, Darkology, Wicked Waltz, etc) are releasing some pretty awesome albums in the power metal genre. It must have something to do with PR and company/product placement I guess, but time’s the healer, the great concealer....
For the time being – Hail to the “Ministry of Catastrophy”! Buy or Die!