Witches Of Doom - Obey

Witches Of Doom Obey cover
Witches Of Doom
Sliptrick Records
Witches Of Doom are a hard/heavy/doom/stoner rock act from Rome, Italy. After only one year of being a band they managed to put 10 of their own songs together to produce their debut album. That album is entitled “Obey” and it’s not half bad.
When a band I don’t know ends up on my lap I like listening to their music a little bit before I get info about them. Therefore, I had no idea the band had been together for such a short time. Judging from what I heard they could just as easily have been playing together for at least 4 years. The songs in “Obey” are well thought of, well arranged and well executed by a tight sounding band.
The only trouble is they seem to have fallen in love with their own tunes a little too much. What I mean is that even though each and every song has its breaks, bridges and/or key/pitch changes, they all could benefit if they were a little shorter. Also, in truth to be told, I can most definitely say that I had enough of this high-pitched distorted guitar sound which makes its appearance in every track there (either in the chorus or in the main theme). I mean, even Crown of Thorns and It’s My Heart (Where I Feel the Cold), the album’s two slow/ballad jams also feature the exact same distorted electric guitar sound on the guitar solo. On the other hand, someone may say this is the band’s calling card.
Finally, I have to say a few words about the last song which shares the same name as the record. Obey is a ballsy almost 9 minute attempt which combines heavy rock grooves with eastern oriented vibes. Ambitious as this may be, I’m sorry to say that this may be the worst track of the whole record.
However, with all that in mind, Witches Of Doom are not a band to be taken lightly. Even with those small flaws, “Obey” is still a tight album. So, if they can produce something like this in just one year, they sure show potential.