Wisdom - Rise of the Wise

Wisdom Rise of the Wise cover
Rise of the Wise
Noise Art Records
As one of the many bands to carry this mantle, this Hungarian quartet is quite melodic. Their power metal is not all that bad, despite being choke-full of Europower clichés, like symphonic parts, choirs and folk influences aplenty over lots of 4/4 drumming. Thankfully their singer is not of your typical Northern Europe eunuch variety, but sounds more like a lesser Teuton.
This sounds decidedly like late 90s Europower, in the vein of Edguy’s first few, with a bit of Strato and Helloween thrown in for good measure. They manage to maintain a certain level throughout the entire album (actually their forth), a step above most of their counterparts from Italy that might be more imaginative on a lot of occasions, but usually are either gonna end up utterly fabulous or utterly disastrous.
This album felt like eating a favorite dish at a restaurant that feels acceptable, but you might have had a more palatable experience prior to it plus you’ve grown a little “tired of”...