The Winery Dogs - Hot Streak

The Winery Dogs Hot Streak cover
The Winery Dogs
Hot Streak
Loud & Proud Records
The Dogs return after their thrilling first album, back in 2013 and they rock us for good! To be honest there are times that there aren’t much to write in a review and this is what happens with the Winery Dogs: band members are some of the finest musicians around; their musical capabilities and inspirations are given and tested throughout the years; their musical approach for this specific side-project (is it still a side-project) hasn’t shifted massively; the production is perfect. Result = good music.
Don’t you agree that there isn’t much to write about – especially for those who are familiar with the group and its members? Well, for those who are still unaware, the Dogs are Mike Portnoy on drums (ex-Dream Theater and many others), Richie Kotzen (guitars & lead vocals) and Billy Sheehan (bass & backing vocals) – both previously collaborating on the band Mr. Big. The band has proclaimed that is dedicated to deliver classic rock tunes and so it does.
In their magnificent first effort the result was pure old-school rock, in the veins of Led Zeppelin, Mr Big, etc. In this second album they add a few more modern elements – a more “progressive” and technical way of playing – without compromising the directness of their songs. The result sounds like the natural progression of their debut album, underlining in the most profound way the musical chemistry of the three master-players.
A variety of styles and moods is assured in the album, with “Oblivion”, “How Long”, “Captain Love”, “The Bridge”, “Spiral” and “Think It Over” being some of the highlights of the album. The bottom line: to my ears this second album is a step below the first – maybe because the previous release caught me unawares, maybe not. I have the feeling that I needed more time to get used to the melodies and tunes here – I mean that nothing stuck to my head and blew my mind from the start. However, this album is a grower, if you are willing to invest in it, just go ahead.