Windrose - Shadows Over Lothdruin

Shadows Over Lothdruin
Bakerteam Records
Windrose are a five peace Italian band that released an EP, a couple of years ago and are now debuting with a full length release. Their chosen genre is power metal and they really brought to my memory the early 90s, when Domine had only released their debut after countless years, when no-one was interested in signing (at first) Rhapsody, who then sold loads of albums, when Skylark were releasing albums literally every week, or so and so on. Ah, those were the times!
Well, they do remind me in lots of ways, THAT ERA, exactly THAT ERA. Listening to their debut, I just felt, like I was teleported back in 1995. Imagine a 2nd tier, Italian band from back in the day with a less than stellar production, a decent but not amazing, accented singer, “sword and sorcery” lyrics and folk flourishes a-plenty. Not bad, but nothing to write back home about, either!
Almost every song is segued with the next with the aid of some half minute interludes made up of sound effects and short exclamations or narrations. Now there are some better than other songs in there, like “Siderion”, “The Fourth Vanguard” or “Moontear Sanctuary” that show some flair and promise, but there are also all the shortcomings that were aforementioned. Until the band, manages to address them, they will always be plagued by mediocrity. Also, the long epic song at the ending of the album is such a cliché, that I almost died, waiting for its ten minutes to come to pass.
I’m a bit buffled, with this bunch. Dragonland for instance, do the same, concept/thing 10 times better, but haven’t done much in terms of becoming successful, so what’s in the collective minds of our Italianfriends, narrowly escapes me. Best of luck with it though.