Wild Souls - Game of Love

Wild Souls Game of Love cover
Wild Souls
Game of Love
Lions Pride Music
Wild Souls is a Greek band that has been going on since 2010, the brainchild of the guitarist Kostis Tsiligiris. They’ve recorded another two albums in the past receiving decent reviews. Their style is an AOR influenced mid-paced hard rock that can be lyrical at times but probably comes across as a little wimpy.
While they’re fairly talented, the production (which is clear) is very thin and if this isn’t by choice, it keeps the band sounding “bigger” and probably better. They could use a little more oomph here and there and a somewhat less safe guitar tone with a bit of backbone. I mean, I find this comparably to the excellent Raw Silk album but, then again that album was recorded in the 80s, so sounding almost as “simple” as them on a modern recording, it probably means that you didn’t try hard enough.
Songs like the quirky “Shame on You”, the Snake-y “Pretty Babe”, “One More Night” and “I Need Your Love” are nice examples, but the rest of the songs on the album do seem to slightly plod a bit. Given a better production and a kick in the butt, a lot of this material would really kick ass… right now there’s tons of untapped promise.