Wild Rose - Hit ‘N’ Run

Wild Rose Hit ‘N’ Run cover
Wild Rose
Hit ‘N’ Run
AOR Boulevard Records
Auspiciously when a co-operation is fine in every part, it should keep on for as long as it can, right? But let’s take things from the start. This is the band’s third studio album and the second with David A Saylor on vocals. David was a great addition to the band’s line-up and has taken the band a step further with his raspy yet smooth voice. But what does this album offer almost a year after “Dangerous”?
Well, more or less “Hit ‘N’ Run” picks up from where “Dangerous” left off. In a few words, “Hit ‘N’ Run” is a great successor of the band’s previous album. Wild Rose is one of the very few AOR bands which have that slight harder edge on their sound; they do have an 80s mood but they do not sound retro at all. On the contrary, their AOR approach is wonderfully blended with melodic rock and hard rock elements. I’m sure that a handful of tracks from this album could have been used as soundtracks in some “odd movies” from the 80s, back in the day. I’ve just recalled “Living After Death” by Al Festa on Zombie 4 (After Death)! How cool is that huh?!!
The production is fabulous largely without being over-polished. The album was mixed & produced by Andy Rock and mastered by George Aspiotis at Studio Aspiotis, Athens, Hellas. Finally, after lots of “wasted years”, bands in Hellas can record and mix their albums in a small number of studios and achieve a great sound. All the tracks have a standard music quality. I’m sure one will like this better, another will fancy that a bit more and the list goes on. No matter how demanding a fan you are, you’ll surely find your own favorites on this album. Ohh another plus is the amazingly “hot” cover artwork too! I’d like to see all the photos from the photo shooting please!
I do believe that Wild Rose have hit the spot with “Hit ‘N’ Run” and they have raised the bar quite high for the future… it’s been a while since a Hellenic AOR band has made an impact abroad, so let’s all praise them and revel in “Hit ‘N’ Run”…