White Skull - Will of the Strong

White Skull Will of the Strong cover
White Skull
Will of the Strong
Dragonheart Records
I must give it up to a band like White Skull, who have been going on for almost three decades now and have produced some ten or so albums, with their quality and style remaining quite consistent, despite the change of vocalists a couple of times, with even a male singer handling the vocals on a few (I think three albums) of their albums, which were traditionally female fronted. In fact since their previous album their original singer Federica “Sister” De Boni has returned offering more authenticity to the band that doesn’t seem to have lost any of the fierceness in the way they deliver their passionate power metal that seems to mix the melody of the Italians with the boldness and fierceness of Teutonic bands like Grave Digger, Warlock and the like… I suppose the longtime fan knows more or less what to expect.
The intro “Endless Rage” serves more than being a mindless overture and builds tension that is released with the heralding of “Holy Warrior”, which hits quite hard. The title track is another glorious moment where inspired melodies and force meet in a near perfect union. They might remind to some a more raw but also more “melodic” version of the later day also female fronted Poles Crystal Viper, but Federica is much more leather lunged and brutal bringing to mind a bit the eponymous “Leather” Leone at least tone/timbre wise. Further nice moments include “Hope Has Wings” and “I Am Your Queen” and while “Metal Indian” tries to mimic Manowar’s “Spirit Horse” atmosphere it really comes across a sounding a little “odd”. “Shieldmaiden” is more standard and complaisant, while “Sacrifice” a couple of songs before the end is a pretty experimental but interesting moment.
All around, probably a band that has aged a lot better than a lot of their “true” metal counterparts that have seemingly turned a passion into a bit of a business, in more than a few cases.