Weezer - Weezer (White Album)

Weezer Weezer (White Album) cover
Weezer (White Album)
Atlantic Records
I guess it was time for Weezer’s “white album”, since, till now, they have had a “blue”, “green” and “red” album. So what do we get from the band’s new, 10th, studio album? Well the same more or less. I mean the album is full of ill pop-rock tracks, quite simplistic songwriting and happy-silly Summer-like melodies. It’s OK for a beach bar, where you do not give so much attention to the music when you see the bikini girls and drink the cocktails.
The track “Thank God for Girls”, may have a rather fine title but as a track it’s very irksome with all these modern hip-hop like vocals, which make the track barely listenable at long last. “(Girl We Got A) Good Thing” reminded me of the 60s pop tracks by Beach Boys, The Beatles etc. and you see where the whole thing is going… I do not have to comment on each track. The production is fine, not too polished or modern, intensive I think.
Overall, this isn’t an album I’ll play again and I may even change the radio station if I ever hear a track there cuz, in truth to be told, the tracks lack hooks desperately and the lyrics are like they were written by a 15-year old kid. This simplistic formulaic songwriting style, with 60s & 70s themes along with modern ones, just won’t do for me. Probably, their die-hard fans will find it a bit more interesting but honestly this album has nothing to offer music-wise, apart from a couple of “ hits” (paid to be presented on web, radio, TV) that will be forgotten during the next months…