Waste Pipes - Fake Mistake

Waste Pipes Fake Mistake cover
Waste Pipes
Fake Mistake
Independent Release
You have to love Italian bands. Just so many of them and all of them terribly ambitious, with only a few actually managing to make it to the next level. Most have quite talented members, in particular guitarists and vocalists, who usually are however plagued by either overplaying or being overconfident and often accented (in a bad way, with only a few cases in which it’s a plus). Another issue is that usually their productions are “thin”… but that’s not always the case.
Waste Pipes, a Turin quintet, apart from a weird name, have three albums to their name and are celebrating a decade of existence. They are a little different than most of the Italian bands that I usually get and tend to either be power metal (the vast majority) or glam metal. These guys have a somewhat laid back rock style that occasionally veers into hard rock. The closest thing I could think is a mix of the latter DAD albums with a less characteristic Monroe, or some way edgier Kaiser Chiefs that are not “British” even a bit not as nasal Green Day or less s-punk-y Blink 182. Their riffing is simple and almost punk, but works, as their singer rumbles with the simple but effective melodies throughout the album.
Past Headstrong” that’s a little grungy, things get exponationally better, with “Fire Below” bringing to mind some nice Aussie acts and “Stay the Night” going for the afforementioned punk/bubblegum pop hook, despite being quite minor sounding.
“The Loser Song” is more slacking, but the quite introspective and drifting “Chaos” picks it all up.
“For All the Time We Waste” is infectious as it could be and could have you throwing jagger moves while singing the chorus on top of your lungs and hoping that someone won’t open the door!
“Not Enough” reminded me of a better sung variant of Offspring while, “Little Devils Scratched My Ears” has a buzzsaw groove that’s pretty funky a little like mixing the more up-tempo songs of Robby Williams with I dunno what (maybe AAF? What happened to those 1 cover songs hit wonders anyway?!!)…
Lastly, “Bad Growing” might be bad English, but it’s not bad at all as a song…
In a rather low point and “down” time of the year, this album cheered me up quite a bit and it might do that for ya too.