Violent Femmes - We Can Do Anything

Violent Femmes We Can Do Anything cover
Violent Femmes
We Can Do Anything
Pias America
Almost 16 years (!) after the last studio album “Freak Magnet” (released in 2000), and three years after their official reunion, Violent Femmes are back with a new studio work! How about that?! I bet not even their most loyal fan would have seen it coming!
Hence, what do Violent Femmes present on “We Can Do Anything”? Well, do not expect any changes. They’ve got their personal style which made them successful and they do not stray at all. I do not even know if they can play anything else instead of this overproduced, simplified blunt acoustic pop “wannabe rock” shit. Yeah, you read it right! Violent Femmes is not a damn rock band! They do not even have a friggin electric guitar… and they play just like my niece who has been playing the guitar for a couple of years now! That’s what I call virtuosos players! I do not really know how they got successful in the first place but their couple of silly “hits” are just for teenagers to hang around and drink a couple of beers.
Here, they are trying hard to repeat that “hit” recipe but they tragically fail. I think that only the die-hard fans will give a shit about “We Can Do Anything”. As for others, if they listen to a new track on the (web) radio it will be OK, if not they won’t even notice that Violent Femmes have a new album out. What a waste of time! The word boredom cannot even describe my tediousness while I was listening to it! Next one please…