Vicinity - Awakening

Vicinity Awakening cover
Pug-Nose Records
So, what do we know about Vicinity? The band consists of 5 young & talented musicians who obviously love progressive metal, heavy-power metal & melodic metal. The newest addition to the band’s ranks is the keyboardist Ivar Andreas Nyland. This is exactly what they do on their debut “Awakening”; they blend all those music styles and damn they do it pretty well. The album features 6 tracks. Three (3) of them are about 5-6 minutes, two (2) of them are around 11 minutes and the last one is almost 15 minutes long. The three “shorter tracks”, “Mass Delusion”, “Across the River” & “The Time for Change” are the catchiest songs of the album, the ones which will mesmerize the melodic power prog metal aficionados. The longer tracks need several & repeated listens to get into them.
“Mass Delusion” starts with a heavy riff. Baptized following the heavy/power metal tradition, it’s the apt melodic heavy/power prog opener every album must have. An ideal way to open your album!
“Opportunities Lost” could have been 3-4 separate tracks… instead they have been put all in one! Well more or less! Their atmospheric parts are very enchanting in general. They do know how to create atmospheric & moody soundscapes and gratefully they do so in all of their songs.
“Across the River” is a very lyrical & melodious track. Beautiful music themes, absorbing vocals and a very emotional atmosphere overall.
“Walk All the Way” starts very smoothly with keys and acoustic guitars. Then it passes through various mood & style changes. Progressive, melodic, heavy, lyrical, atmospheric, acoustic… want more?! It ends as smoothly as it begins as well.
“The Time for Change” is around 6 minutes, but it has a rather progy structure. Metallic & heavy, with a mellow break after 2 minutes. Very nice percussion by Frode Lillevold, amazing expressive solo by Kim-Marius H. Olsen & once again superb vocal performances by Alexander K. Lykke.
 “Awakening” opens with a more progy disposition… the melodious elements take over once again as the song goes on. Nice harmonic break with remarkable use of keys. These guys know how to create a seductive atmosphere.
OK. I’m still wondering how these Norwegian prog power metal bands find so amazing vocalists. It is not that the other guys are not talented or what. But the voice is like a barometer for a band. It can either detonate a song or bury it. Vicinity is undoubtedly a budding band. They may not have the big PR exposure to get in numerous press places with ads, interviews or presentation etc. but they have something that others who have a great PR working net behind them don’t have… they have talent and inspiration. Vicinity is one of those new prog power metal bands that can & shall become more popular in the following years… otherwise it will be such a shame…