Vega - Who We Are

Vega Who We Are cover
Who We Are
Frontiers Music Srl
Vega has slowly but surely come to release their fourth album, last week and while it sounds contemporary, it draws a lot of inspiration from the best of the 80s and 90s hard rock scene, although managing to give it a more modern slant.
A great asset for the band is ex-Kick’s frontman Nick Workman that might have not managed much with them despite even being championed by none-other than Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris’s short lived “Beast Records”, back in the day, but who has in the meantime graduated into quite an excellent frontman and seasoned singer with several releases under his belt. Along with the Martin brothers, who provide the melodies and the fine rhythm team of Thurston and Chantrey, they have managed shy of a dozen of great songs that sound both diverse, but also exciting and definitely show all the passion and the meticulous attention to detail that the band has come to be known for. Having Harem Scarem’s Harry Hess flown over to produce the album, has also made “Who We Are” probably their best – most lively sounding album…
“Who We Are” is a mission statement and probably Vega’s best album so far, an excellent rocking album that doesn’t disappoint, recommended to even the most discerning fans out there.