Vasil Hadzimanov Band feat. David Binney - Alive

Vasil Hadzimanov Band feat. David Binney Alive cover
Vasil Hadzimanov Band feat. David Binney
MoonJune Records
Vasil Hadzimanov is a composer, arranger and keyboard player from Serbia. Along with his band, Vasil has been in the music scene since 1997. Vasil has Branko Trijic on guitar, Miroslav Tovirac on bass, Predrag Milutinovic on drums, and Bojan Ivkovic on percussion and vocals by his side. Vasil is also a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, in Boston.
“Alive” is Vasil’s debut album on Moonjune Records and his first international release as well. What you get on this album is a blending of jazz, folk, ethno-fusion, prog rock with experimental passages and lots of improvisation. This live album was recorded in Belgrade, in 2014 and features the well-known American saxophonist David Binney as a special guest. The production has a lively feeling in general.
I guess musicians like Vasil are better live on stage so as to get a whole idea of what refined music and virtuosic improvising are all about. Then again, listening to this album will surely make you wanna attend the next Vasil show just to experience the whole atmosphere and performances live. If this kind of music is your thing then do not hesitate to try it…