Van Halen - A Different Kind Of Truth

Van Halen
A Different Kind Of Truth
Interscope Records
That was a big surprise not only for the fans of the band, but for almost every rocker. Van Halen with David Lee Roth again... after – they must also have forgotten how long – 28 years! Wow! Time flies indeed! The last studio album with David behind the mic was in 1984! Who would believe that those guys would ever play together and even record some new stuff. Many were wishing for this reunion... and a new album for years... so here you have it.
The last studio work of the band was released back in 1998… so, 14 years without a new album is far too long. But the line-up change does not stop on David… the old time fellow and bassist Michael Anthony was replaced by Eddie’s son Wolfgang. I guess, they have finally become the “true” Van Halen band now! Probably, a singer is what’s missing from this big music family. Like father like son... Wolfgang is a very good player... how couldn’t he after all... and do not forget that he is only 21 years old!
“A Different Kind Of Truth” is a hard rockin’ groovy, energetic/amusing album… it has David’s characteristic performances, Eddie’s brilliant guitar playing and Alex’s powerful drumming. As stated: a number of tracks that appear on this album are based upon demos and unused lyrics written by the band in the 1970s. The songs “She’s the Woman”, “Outta Space”, “Big River”, “Beats Workin’” and “Bullethead” have appeared in bootlegs since 1976. “Outta Space”, Beats Workin’” and “Big River” were originally “Let's Get Rockin’”, “Put Out the Lights”, and “Big Trouble” respectively. The song “Blood and Fire” originally appeared in 1984 as an instrumental track known as “Ripley”, which was featured on the 1984 film, “The Wild Life”.
The album contains 13 songs and lasts about 50 minutes... and it flows quite well all the way... but the only thing that Van Halen always had... and couldn’t be missed here is the hooklines. Van Halen is, undoubtedly, a great band but they never had many songs with big hooks and catchy refrains as other bands of their time. They are excellent musicians and good songwriters but catchy hooks were never their forte. Most of the songs on this album are nice and well-performed but after some plays it’s hard to remember them. The production is big by any means… and it was done by both the band and John Shanks.
“A Different Kind Of Truth” is a solid comeback album and it will, surely, enthuse all the loyal fans of the band around the world. The tour that follows, will give every rocker the chance to enjoy Van Halen on stage... so you better not lose it.