Narada Michael Walden to release “Evolution” on October 30th 2015

Tarpan Records is pleased to announce the international release of “Evolution” the upcoming full-length album by Narada Michael Walden releasing on October 30th 2015. The albums' first single, “Billionaire on Soul Street”, which was released on August 14th, 2015 and the forthcoming album represent a change of direction for Narada, one that brings him back to his roots in Dance and Club Music, Funk and Soul. The first single was, and full-length album will be released on Narada's own imprint, Tarpan Records.

TesseracT - drum video & tourdates

UK's TESSERACT have just launched a drum playthrough, so please check out the following clip below to see Jay Postones play along to "Eden 2.0".
It is the second playthrough the band has launched for their upcoming "Perspective-EP" that is set for a European release of May 21th and a North American release of May 22.

Van Halen - A Different Kind Of Truth

That was a big surprise not only for the fans of the band, but for almost every rocker. Van Halen with David Lee Roth again... after – they must also have forgotten how long – 28 years! Wow! Time flies indeed! The last studio album with David behind the mic was in 1984! Who would believe that those guys would ever play together and even record some new stuff. Many were wishing for this reunion... and a new album for years... so here you have it.