Tyred Eyes - Elevator

Tyred Eyes Elevator cover
Tyred Eyes
Tyred Eyes are coming from Sweden and they were formed in 2009. Since then they have released a full-length album, one 7'' and an EP. This is their sophomore full-album release.
The band’s sound has been updated on “Elevator”. The majority of the punk, garage rock elements have been eliminated and they have been replaced by a more pop-rock, alternative rock and post-punk sound overall. The album was recorded at Welfare Sounds Studios with producers Per Stalberg and Olle Bjork and the production is very good and clear.
I fancy Johanna’s vocals more than Martin’s but that’s my perspective. I do think that the band has taken a better musical way with this album. If they stick to it they can do even better in the future. After all, Tyred Eyes is a young band which is ready to take its chances out there without being afraid to change its style and evolve along the way…