Tristâme - Common Ground

Common Ground
Independent Release
Tristâme is a music project that was created by Rami in 2006. After three years they released their debut album under the title “Unraveling Horizons”. Rami, who is a Syrian born singer-songwriter, came up with the idea for this EP in November 2012, as he was working on some new music in South America.
The digital 4track EP, “Common Ground”, is based on themes connected to Syria, its past and hope for its people’s future as well as Rami’s personal experiences. With this charity EP, Rami is hoping to offer not only financial help to people that are in need, but also make this thing known to most of the world and give his perspective on all the evil that’s been destroying people’s lives in Syria and not only. No, this ain’t a political standout… but an outcry for humanity dressed in music & lyrics. It’s horrifying how man can do so freaking things to other people in the name of a “sick cause”.
Musically, “Common Ground” is very emotive & expressive on the whole. The first song “Euphoria” starts out smoothly and bursts into an emotional, esoteric yet vibrant tune.
“Distant Brothers” is a bit gloomier and heavier as well. It has a melancholic ala Anathema style that I like a lot.
“Last Curtain Call” is an acoustic track which is accompanied by some wonderfully atmospheric strings. It’s a bit downhearted as, in fact, it is a farewell to those who passed away.
The last song, “Age of Hope”, as the title proclaims, is the optimistic & lively track of the album which has a rather ethnic flavor.
The EP was co-produced, recorded, and mixed by Jonathan Jetter at Right Angle Recording. The sound is amazingly clear and full.
It’s not only the cause that this EP is serving but it’s also the music quality it has which makes it a good musical choice for those who are fond of ethnic sounds, rock music, atmospheric themes & acoustic parts. I hadn’t been aware of Tristâme before but from now on I’ll be keeping an eye on them. Lastly do not forget that all proceeds from the sales of the EP will go to organizations helping Syrian refugees. I do wish they reach their goal…