Toadies - Play.Rock.Music

Kirtland Records
Well, there are some music eras that you can help but love the sound, the background, the atmosphere & the music generally… and some that you can’t stand any of those. Take for example the 80s era… how pure the music was… the atmosphere was truly genuine… everything was just about great… well almost everything. Then the 90s came… when some bands wanted to steal the glamour, the fame and the fortune of the 80s guys… but they just couldn’t play or write a damn good song… so they decided to make it their own way… therefore simplicity, shitiness and plainness was all they could offer… good for them… but not for music in general. As you already know by now… the 90s grunge, alternative, modern rock shit is not my thing… neither can I stand the sound and the atmosphere of that era.
On the other hand, the Toadies don’t seem to have bypassed the 90s era at all… they seem to be living there, playing their music there and mostly moving in the mid-90s… without having any second thoughts about it. Post-grunge, post-punk, alternative, modern rock… or as I like to call it, gay rock… with a modern-polished sound… not bad in the least… depending which era you prefer the most. I think the album title is quite disorientated. No, this is not the rock music I know… and Toadies do not play rock music… surely their music has rock influences… but it’s not the most representative style of rock music.
After their re-union show in 2006 they have released 3 studio albums… more than the time before they had broken-up. There are a few songs like “Laments of a Good Man” & “We Burned the City Down” that are simply silly and bland… and overall nothing here is exciting or rather inspired. Tunes we’ve heard before – not a single song for MTV though - from an era that mostly killed all the good music around and fed us with elegant shit that wanted to be stirring rock music in the end. Even the cover artwork is among the most awful artworks of the year… very distasteful. A couple of songs that are above average, do not offer anything more to the final outcome… it’s unlikely for this album to get repeated listens…