Thunder Tribe - War Chant

Thunder Tribe War Chant cover
Thunder Tribe
War Chant
Nightmare Records
The newly formed band Thunder Tribe from Kentucky, does not consist of new members of the scene but rather old metalheads that know what they are up to. Specifically, the guitarists Ronnie Duncan, Rick Sargent and the vocalist Michael Duncan are all members of Pownd. Michael also sings on Shatter Messiah, which also have their album out at the same period with Thunder Tribe.
Here, the guys are showcasing their love for 80s and 90s metal music at large. They have combined elements from both eras and their sound also has that early 90s feeling. The production is kinda “sharp” but good overall. I think I prefer ‘em when they step into the 80s metal side, but that’s my perspective.
Another thing that I do not get is the album’s variety. Certainly, it is not bad for an album to have diversity but at times it’s like I’m listening to a compilation. For instance, “Above the Blue” is a blues rock tune that has no place in the album, in my opinion. It’s fine & fun but hey, then it’s better to go see them live, enjoy some classic rock tunes and have some beers. Not a bad idea. But when we’re talking about their own work, they need to be more focused. Furthermore, is that a banjo that I’m listening at the end of “Fly”?! (hehe) Absolutely hilarious! These guys seem to have fun generally and that’s fine by me. At the end of the day, “War Chant” won’t change your Cosmo theory, but it’s a nice album with variety and full of metal music. After all, the guys do know how to rock.