Threshold - Subsurface

Threshold Subsurface cover
InsideOut Music
OK, here is the real deal concerning qualitative prog metal music and one of the most pleasant surprises of the year so far! Or shouldn’t it have been a surprise? Threshold is one of the groups that keep evolving from album to album. They work hard and make serious improvements every time in their music. Well this time they managed to create one of the best progressive metal albums of the past couple of years! I know that the CD has been released a couple of months ago, but I preferred to listen to it again and again, so that it would mature inside of me and be sure that my review won’t be based on infatuation. Now I’m sure that this album introduces the band to the top class of modern prog metal groups, a place they deserved long ago, but just didn’t seem to have gained.
At the beginning of their career the band was known as the European answer to Dream Theater. However Threshold, as time went by, managed to create its own music style, based on the amazing keys and catchy melodies that focus on substance. I believe this is the best album of the band so far – yes, even better than the monumental “Psychedelicatesen” because the songs here seem to be more complete. We are talking about complete musical phrases and compositions. The whole approach doesn’t stand far from their amazing “Critical Mass” album, however here the band becomes heavier, and above all very-very inspired! We are talking about intelligent music here. Something that is emphasized by the lyrics, which describe vividly the modern unpleasant reality.
Above all, there are no fillers here – all songs kick ass. Threshold has always been based upon the amazing bridges and refrains, but here they seem to make the overstepping. Incredible melodies, accompanied by heavy riffs create a dreamy outcome. Therefore it might be unfair to pinpoint one or two songs. One has to listen to the whole album and be conquered by it! You’ve reached the Threshold now... don’t look back, take the step! I seriously feel that my grade could have been higher...