Theory of a Deadman - Savages

Theory of a Deadman Savages cover
Theory of a Deadman
Roadrunner Records
It’s to wonder how some legendary musicians of rock music sometimes participate in trendy albums and bands just because they are very popular at the given moment. Or is it because the major labels “seduce them with money” to do so? This time it is Alice Cooper who is participating on the self-titled track from the fifth studio album of Theory Of A Deadman. Do you honestly wonder about the result of that collaboration?! I rest my case! Why Mr. Alice? Were you so overwhelmed by this “tremendous” song? “shame on all of us (you)”… as the track proclaims…
And here we go with the most interesting question of the day. Well, just imagine that you have about 46 minutes of your daily time to waste… what would you do?
   a) Watch some porn?
   b) Surf on the web?
   c) Listen to this album?
There’s only one right question… so do not fool around! If you are fond of post-grunge, alternative, modern, cheesy pop-rock music then you are obviously going to choose the third answer. But there’s another way too. If you do fancy post-grunge, alternative, modern, cheesy pop-rock music… better surf on the web (that will eventually lead you to watch some porn as usual!), it will be much more worthwhile than listening to this poor tedious album!
This is the “how you can write tracks by the book” and have the “same boring hooks and melodies in all of your tracks” manuscript! It’s even more terrible when you actually try to hear it! Just try it! Ohh better not, if you do respect your time and the things you can do within moments. Some tracks on “Savages” dangerously flirt with gay rock music too! Yeap! How cool is it to call your album “Savages” and feature some cheesy gay rock music in it?! I’m sure this album will be on the charts’ first places… that’s music nowadays. Do not forget to download a couple of tracks on your iPod and then the task is complete! We have a super-duper successful modern act! Want anything else? Monkey business all the way!!