TheBuckle - Labbrador

TheBuckle Labbrador cover
Argonauta Records
TheBuckle is a rock duo (Andrea on guitar & vocals and Maxim on drums) from Italy, which was formed in 2014. A year after, they released their homonymous debut album and now they’re back with their sophomore release.
The band’s music is influenced by stoner rock, heavy rock, noise rock, fuzz rock & post-punk music in general. The song structures are kinda simple and they are based on guitar riff/drum arrangement with mediocre vocals that have some middling melodies on the whole. They guys go too “noisy” and “fuzzy” at times and that ain’t their forte. Then again, this is their music style and it does stay true to its roots. The production is OK and somewhat “fuzzy” here & there. Moreover, guitarist Xabier Iriondo (Afterhours, Bunuel, Todo Modo, etc.) participates in three tracks: “Sixty-Two”, “Think” & “SheMale”.
Those who have tried the band’s debut and have a good opinion about them, had better try out this album too. As for others, if you’re not into this kind of music and you’re not a maniac that listens to every little new stuff that’s out there, then better search for something else to spend your time…