The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers - Me and the Devil

The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers Me and the Devil cover
The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers
Me and the Devil
Besta Records
The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers might think that their “whatever” name is kickass and it might kinda be a cool name, but it’s nowhere near the level of sophistication and political incorrectness of “The Egyptian Gay Lovers” (who are much harder anyway). This “Frogs” quartet is all Clutch with bits and bobs of The Eagles Of Death Metal and while their style is not my cup of “herb-al” tea, they’re far from terrible.
The title track that serves as an opener buzzes away, but feels way too long for no apparent reason.
On the other hand the simple and to the point stomp of “Dark Stuff” is much better and its video-clip is positively hilarious.
“Summer Spleen” takes itself and the whole mariachi/desperado angle of the band’s sound a bit too far and again the band does seem for some inexplicable reason to extend the song by several meters quite pointlessly.
“My Lover of the Moon” is so minimalist that nothing much happens through half of the song and then, very little happens on the rest of it. Well done, after financial austerity, let’s be economic with the playing as well.
“Doing No Harm” is a buzzier rocker that’s also quite repetitive and unless you appreciate very little change and variation “The Sleepwalker” will probably crush you (or bore you to death) at near seven minutes (at least its riffing is not all too shabby).
“That Town Under the Sun” is almost Morricone inspired and almost soundtrack like, but way too short.
“Leaving Town” takes it dear sweet time to depart, but at least it’s the end of it… for these Parisians.
If you can stand Clutch, this feels like a stuck up version.