Soulfly - Enslaved

Roadrunner Records
I was taken by surprise as soon as I heard (and saw the video) of the first full track of the album, “World Scum”… it was so fuckin’ heavy & brutal that I just couldn’t believe it. I haven’t heard something like this from Max in ages. It’s true that the new Soulfly is more thrash/death metal oriented than any other album before. At times I can’t help but think how amazing a new original Sepultura album would have been like.
Well, Soulfly’s rhythm section has been renewed as they have a new bassist, Tony Campos (Static X, Asesino, Ministry, Prong) and a new drummer, David Kinkade (ex-Borknagar) on board. “Enslaved” will surely shock most of the band’s fans that weren’t familiar with Max death/thrash metal past… but were mostly into this modern, groovy, alternative, nu-metal thing of the previous works. Naturally, some elements from the aforementioned music genres are still here… but they’re all surrounded by a thrash/death metal background. The guest musicians on the album are: Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation that sings in “Word Scum”, Dez Fafara of Devildriver who sings on “Redemption of Man by God” and Richie Cavalera (vocals), Igor Cavalera Jr. (vocals & guitar) & Zyon Cavalera (drums) on “Revengeance”. Their kids, nephews etc. are right on the game… let’s hope they prove to be as talented as the elder ones. Tony Campos also does the vocals on “Plata O Plomo”, which is probably the best song here along with “World Scum” & the atmospheric instrumental “Soulfly VIII” (with the beautiful violin). The album was produced by Zeuss (Shadows Fall, Hatebreed, The Red Chord, etc.) with some help from Max himself. Needless to say the production is cracking and heavy as shit!
This album will make the old fans of Max smile… due to its heaviness and brutality and the newer fans of Soulfly wonder if this is the “modern” metal band they used to know. “Enslaved” is not only the band’s strongest work but also their heaviest, darkest & more brutal… so far.