Scott Stapp - The Space Between the Shadows

Scott Stapp The Space Between the Shadows cover
Scott Stapp
The Space Between the Shadows
Napalm Records
After taking some 6 years to take care of his personal issues and overcome them, Scott Stapp, the Grammy winning songwriter and Creed frontman, is back with his new solo release. “The Space Between the Shadows” is the most inner and personal album, lyric wise, that Scott has released to this day. It deals with various issues that the songwriter has been dealing for years now and it offered him a catharsis that he so much need in the end. It’s crucial and very important listening famous artists talk about their problems open widely… so as to serve as an example for all those that deal with similar problems and feel shame to talk and weak to deal with them.
“Gotta turn this around – And find the purpose for pain”, as Scott sings on “Purpose for Pain” an inner and very inspirational song that’s already a hit. The same goes for “Name”, which talks about a son that was abandoned by his father and how that affected Scott’s life in general. As I mentioned above, the lyrics here are very personal and each song tells a story that needs your full attention so as to get in entirely. This is not just another Scott album, but a very emotional and purifying release that will inspire and help lots of people to believe in themselves and move forward, always with the help of God, as Scott did.
“Heaven in Me”, “Survivor”, “Wake up Call”, “Red Clouds”, “Gone too Soon”, “Ready to Love”, along with the aforementioned ones, “Name” and “Purpose for Pain”, are some of the best songs that Scott has delivered in his career so far… and we’re talking about a platinum-certified solo artist with a music career full of hits!
“The Space Between the Shadows” was co-produced by Scott Stevens and Marti Frederiksen, with additional production on “Purpose for Pain” by Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft. The album was recorded at Sienna Studios and Poppy Studios in Nashville, TN and The Cabin in Los Angeles. It was also mixed by Chris Baseford and mastered by Howie Weinberg. Scott has the very talented (lead) guitarist Yiannis Papadopoulos, along with Sammy Hudson οn bass, Ben Flanders on guitar and Dango Cellan on drums by his side on this album.
“The Space Between the Shadows” is an album that Scott’s fans will fully revel in. Scott Stapp has fought his own demons and he won… his new album showcases that if you have faith you can achieve anything that seems impossible. If you like rock music with great hooks and nice melodies, along with atmospheric touches, then this album is not to be missed for any reason!