Royal Hunt - Show Me How To Live

Royal Hunt Show Me How To Live cover
Royal Hunt
Show Me How To Live
Frontiers Records
The 11th album of Royal Hunt was meant to be quite significant… firstly, as D.C. Cooper is behind the mic again and secondly for the band’s return to its classical sound. “Show Me How To Live” picks up from where Royal Hunt has left with “Paradox” back in 1997! I know that’s 14 years back but it’s true… and that will probably prove to be very vital for the future of the band. It’s a pity that they didn’t reunite later…
Accurately, the band has spent over a decade playing music that may have been ok but in the end, there were repercussions in terms of reputation and fans. Personally, I stopped following the band after 2000… the two previous singers were great… but the thing that happens with D.C. is unique… he is and will always be considered as the singer of band even though he had released two (three with this one) albums but not luckily were those albums the best works of the band to date but also some of the best melodic neoclassical/progressive metal of all time. The fans will never forget that… and you know… although Andre Andersen (songwriter/keys) is the mastermind of the band… the release of “Show Me How To Live” revealed that D.C. is a leading force in the band’s engine and gave them that magic touch they had lost for over a decade.
This album is fully influenced by “Moving Target” and “Paradox”… the songs… the atmosphere… the arrangements… will bring these two magnificent albums on your mind. Melodic metal music is perfectly blended with progressive metal themes and neoclassical elements… Andre has done a hell of a job and has currently written some fantastic songs, D.C. is giving a great performance (it’s like he was never away – still in good shape), the newcomer Jonas Larsen (guitars) is playing like he has been in the band for years and last but not least, Allan Sorensen (drums) and Andreas Passmark (bass) are building a strong and innovative rhythm section that makes the band’s sound even better.
The album features 7 songs and lasts about 42 minutes… quite short for a prog metal album… especially for Royal Hunt. I believe that at least, they should have featured one more song on the album… because you will feel forced (like me) to play it again and again in order to get enough of it. All the songs are stunning (pay attention to the melodious backing vocals) but I must mention “Half Past Loneliness” which is not only one of the best songs of the year… but one of the best songs that Royal Hunt has delivered till now… a tasteful, melodic metal song with some great polyphonic vocals on the refrain… catchy as hell. The production is excellent as the album has been recorded at NorthPoint studio in Copenhagen and mixed at RoastingHouse Studios in Malmö, Sweden. The album was mastered by Jan Eliasson at AudioPlanet in Copenhagen.
I strongly believe that “Show Me How To Live” can bring new fans on the band’s camp… and also win the old fans back… this is a great comeback to their roots and none will be left unsatisfied… that’s for sure… if you like “Moving Target” and “Paradox” then you have no excuse not to get this album…