ReinXeed - Welcome to the Theatre

Welcome to the Theatre
Liljegren Records/Doolittle Group
What started out as a personal project by the young and unknown songwriter/vocalist/producer/ multi-instrumentalist Tommy Johansson then… turned out to be a consistent euro power metal band that has released 5 albums since 2008 when the debut was out! That’s pretty impressive don’t you think? Especially, if we keep in mind that Tommy has played in three other bands (PelleK, Golden Resurrection, Charlie Shred) except for ReinXeed and he has recorded and produced quite a few albums during the last five years… three of them will be out later in May. Undoubtedly, this young Swedish is a very talented guy by any means.
The new ReinXeed album (fifth in the row), is inspired by different movies and works of the big screen. Their Euro power metal owes a lot to Helloween (Keepers era), Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Angra, Gamma Ray, Rhapsody, Avantasia, Freedom Call and the list goes on. More power than heavy… with fast guitars & tempos that are mixed up with piles of symphonic and few cinematic & epic elements. This may be a good album but it’s actually too cliché-like for my liking. That’s good for the Euro power metal die-hard fans but not so much entertaining for someone like me who has listened to this kind of music for more than 17 years. Personally, I prefer a little more variation to Euro heavy/power metal… that’s why I like the last work of Freedom Call a lot.
“Welcome to the Theatre” is a decent album that all the Euro power metal freaks will totally like… as it has all those elements that made this genre so beloved to millions of fans around the world… and it is, without any doubt, well arranged and produced…