Redrum - Victims of Our Circumstances

Redrum Victims of Our Circumstances cover
Victims of Our Circumstances
RMB Records
Without losing an inch of their rockin’ attitude, they just took the whole thing a step further… which proved to be quite efficient ultimately. After all, they had been away from the market for about 6 years so, their comeback should have been combined with something big in every aspect. I don’t see why Redrum can’t take the credit for doing what they do while other EU or US bands who are not as good and inspired as they are still get more recognition. Definitely, the Greek rock/metal scene has its major flaws, but bands like Redrum can be considered as European acts rather that Greek in terms of attitude and philosophy, not to be misunderstood.
Redrum are rockin’ hard without leaving the catchy melodies and the fine hooks aside. At times, they may add a few melodic rock/AOR elements to their “menu” but the final result doesn’t change at all. They are a hard rock band in the actual sense of the term and they take no prisoners. Their Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, UFO, Europe, Purple, Rainbow etc. influences have been nicely filtered through the band’s personal sound, thing which has given a very good outcome. The performances are truly great… I think every guy has given their best so as to achieve such a result even though Bormann’s raspy voice may act as a foil in the long run. Furthermore, the production is terrific! Michael, the band’s vocalist, did a remarkable job!
Redrum are here standing strong and shouting that there’s also a notable hard rock Greek scene and not only an extreme one. 11 tracks that will please all tastes… from hard rockin’ tunes to heartfelt ballads. I have to refer to the self-titled song due to its tribal/ethnic features & the wonderful cover on John Farnham’s “You’re the Voice”. Probably the two “hits” here are: “You Can’t Buy No Hero” & “Mother I’m Coming Home”. Overall, “Victims of Our Circumstances” is a pure hard rock album that ain’t gonna leave any rocker unsatisfied.