A Rebel Few - As the Crow Flies

A Rebel Few As the Crow Flies cover
A Rebel Few
As the Crow Flies
D.I.R.TBAG Records
While it’s hard to put down Cambridge quartet’s A Rebel Few grove laden southern inspired heavy metal, it hardly manages to provide a lot of excitement as the only thing that really changes between songs is the tempo, with almost each and every one of them driven by the same bravado and riffs that are a dime-a dimebag.
Vocalist Chris Raposo is talented enough and doesn’t rely on screaming he actually sings quite a bit, not badly either, but apart from the places where some slightly bluesy solos go off the songs tend to sound a bit samey.
All in all the band are masters of the sound they want to achieve, but they need to hone their songwriting skills further if they are too seriously compete on an international level. The last few songs from “Who Knows” onwards show the band trying to break away from the mold they entrench themselves in, on previous tracks and leaves enough promise for a much better second album...