Reach - Reach Out to Rock

Reach Reach Out to Rock cover
Reach Out to Rock
Sunhill Production
Sweden is definitely among the top 5 countries where they produce the best rock & metal music globally nonstop! Reach is a newcomer from Sweden which was formed in 2012 by the guitarist Ludvig Turner & the drummer Marcus Johansson. After the line-up was completed with the addition of the singer Alex Waghorn and the bassist David Jones, the band released a cover on Avicii’s super hit “Wake Me Up” in 2013. That was a smart move since it made the band known worldwide and even to this day the video has more than 1 million views! In 2014 the band released their own single “Black Lady” before they started working on their debut album.
Reach is a hard rock band. They do blend melodic rock, hard rock, hard & heavy and classic rock but their music roots are based on the mid/late 80s and early 90s. Having said that, they do not sound “retro”, neither do they wanna be a passé band – just to make it clear. All the members are rather young and judging by the maturity on the songwriting part I can say that Reach is absolutely a budding hard rock act, no matter what!
“Reach Out to Rock” was mixed by the well-known Pontus Norgren (The Poodles, Hammerfall) and it was recorded & produced by Erik Modin & Johannes Hennoks. The production is somewhat “dry” and straightforward. Very good by all means. The band doesn’t go over the top at any point. They stay true and close to their hard rock roots but you can also feel the freshness and the spark of the youth. Reach have gained my attention and my support with their wonderful debut album. I’ll definitely keep an eye on them… and I’m sure that if they play their cards right, then they will grow huge over the next years! Wish them luck and success…