RAK - The Book of Flight - Lepidoptera II

RAK The Book of Flight Lepidoptera II cover
The Book of Flight - Lepidoptera II
Circle Records
Almost 8 years have passed since the band’s debut album “Lepidoptera”… and now the concept continues in “The Book of Flight - Lepidoptera II”. RAK are coming from Switzerland and they like to blend progressive 70s, 80s and 90s music with samples and atmospheric parts. Although the progressive approach is far more dominating in their music… they very well know how to filter their various influences, from Yes, Gentle Giant… to Floyd, Marillion & Symphony X, and how to present a well-made music work. I didn’t have the chance to hear the debut album in 2004 so I can’t make any comparisons… but I’m sure that throughout these 8 years the band has matured at all levels.
The astonishing space-like artwork, which was designed by the well-known artist Mark Wilkinson (Marillion, Fish, The Darkness) is enough to introduce you into a space situation where gravity and all the earthly concerns are left so far behind… while you are travelling through the starry cosmos. Beautiful, atmospheric themes are blending with rhythmically varied complex tempos along with gloomy, pacifying, passages. The songs are very long about 12 minutes average and only the wonderfully moody “Volume V: The Descent” is almost 5 minutes. You have to dive into the spacey, dark cosmic sea… and pay attention to: The Ascent… The Breakthrough… The Book of Flight… The Deception… The Descent… & The Great Machine… for all have something to offer if you wanna keep pace with the lyrical and musical concept of “The Book of Flight”. I would prefer a tighter and more dynamic production but the sound is quite good overall.
The prog freaks will find another act to fancy as they like to discover new groups that are true to the prog principals, they are not copycats and they can play & add their own personality into their music. RAK are progressive, unrestricted and stimulated making music they do love without trying to prove anything to anyone… if you like conceptual and long musical tunes… then do not bypass them.