Rage - 21

Nuclear Blast
It’s been more than 28 years that Rage have been around delivering heavy metal music… so many years and they are always real and consistent when it comes to music. “21” is the band’s new work (I have truly lost the count here – probably the 20th studio album)… where Peavy and his gang do what they love the most… playing powerful heavy metal with no compromises.
I believe that Rage lost their big chance to climb higher in the metal hierarchy back in the late 90s when the Efthimiadis brothers left the band (or if you prefer… when Peavy sent them away). Those were the best years of the band (early & mid 90s) and the albums they released back then, will always be considered as the band’s top works.
Anyway, back to today…. you will find some very good heavy tunes in “21” … with Peavy’s characteristic voice… plus some excellent solos and riffs by guitar wiz Victor Smolski. In general, this is a very decent album… well-played with a powerful and tight production. That’s it, nothing more or less… the fans of the band will totally like it… as for the others… they will enjoy a few songs like: “Twenty One”, “Feel My Pain” and “Eternally” here.