Protest The Hero - Palimpsest

Protest The Hero Palimpsest cover
Protest The Hero
Sheet Happens
One of the big things these days is protests. People protest for a lot of reasons. Social injustices, equal rights, to bring back the McRib. People never Protest the Hero’s “Palimpsest” though. Let’s talk about that.
“Palimpsest” is the new studio album from Prog Metal veterans Protest The Hero. The albums starts right off with the buildup of the first track “The Migrant Mother”, before opening up into their signature prog style of riffs and crisp vocals from frontman Rody Walker. Every song on the rest of the album is fantastic, and what you want to hear from this fantastically tight band.
Each song is pleasurable and tons of fun to listen to. Then right in the middle of the album we have the track “Soliloquy”, in which the vocal delivery sounds like a frenetic stage play written by a modern Bill Shakespeare.
Really this entire album is fantastic, longtime fans of Protest The Hero are going to love it, and people that haven’t heard PtH before will become lifelong fans. Between the fantastic technicality of the riffs, and the crispness of the vocals on every track. This album is probably going to end up in my personal top 10 of 2020.
For me the tracks that stand out the most on this album are “The Canary”, “Soliloquy” and “Reverie”.