Paradise Lost - Symbol of Life

Paradise Lost Symbol of Life cover
Paradise Lost
Symbol of Life
GUN Records
After one album, “Host”, that gave the right to all their rivals to blame them for having lost their “magic touch” and they are becoming a Depeche Mode clone, the OK but fairly mediocre “Believe in Nothing” came… and Paradise Lost seemed like they were left out of the game. Certainly they haven’t spoken their last words and here they are to fix all this injustice caused by their haters.
“Symbol of Life” symbolizes the band’s will and strength to go on and do what they do best… play melodic gothic metal from the heart. The guys are not joking at all. Their gothic sound has been embellished with female vocals, heavy passages, memorable melodies & nice atmospheres. The album gives you the sense that when there’s inspiration then there’s not many things you can’t change and Paradise Lost, after almost 5 years of “musical drought”, are back with their best album since “One Second”. Their sound has been a bit more “commercial” but nothing to do with the “electro sound” of “Host” not to be mistaken. The production is also excellent.
“Symbol of Life” has been released in two different formats, the standard edition contains 11 tracks, but the limited digipack one which is in a box that opens up into a cross shape, contains 2 bonus tracks: “Small Town Boy” and “Xavier”. Both songs are very enjoyable. “Erased” is also the band’s next big hymn. Paradise Lost are back with a wonderful, gothic, melancholic and heavy album. Isn’t it what we all longed for?! I know that the band’s followers are already glad but I can also see new fans coming along the band’s way after this release…