Ossicles - Music for Wastelands

Ossicles Music for Wastelands cover
Music for Wastelands
Karisma Records
Ossicles, which consists of the Veland cousins Sondre (drums, percussion, vocals, keyboards) and Bastien (guitars, vocals, bass, upright bass, keyboards), are back with their sophomore release, three years after their debut. Those two guys were on their late teens back in 2012 and now they are on their early 20s. It’s true that they are too young but that doesn’t mean they ain’t talented.
Those who are aware of the Norwegian duo, know what to expect more or less… as for the ones who haven’t heard of the band before I must say that they follow the neo-prog rock path but with various vintage, atmospheric, jazz-rock, electro & pop elements. The duo’s experimental tendencies can be found all over the album. There are two guest appearances by Erlend Furuset Jenssen on saxophone and Karin Makiranta on vocals. The production is smooth and full.
Certainly, there’s a lack of maturity and experience on Ossicles. At times, I think that the duo crosses their limits just to “fulfill some expectations” or impress. Either way there’s a bit pressure due to the good impressions of their debut. Surely, “Music for Wastelands” is a finer work than the first one in every part… but that doesn’t mean that Ossicles do not have a long way ahead of them in order to have a place in the sun. All this media/press pressure does not do any good to young musicians and it’s more likely to burn them off and then let them blossom as it has happened numerous times in the past. So, one step at a time, without any flash in the pan… that’s what they should keep in mind…