Orkan - Livlaus

Orkan Livlaus cover
Dark Essence Records
After the release of their debut album, “Crimson Canvas”, in 2012, the Norwegian black metallers Orkan return with their sophomore release “Livlaus”. This time the guys have embraced their Norwegian black metal roots further. Moreover, the album was recorded live in the studio (without any editing in the basic tracks – as the press release claims) and the vocals plus the effects were added later. The production is kinda raw and vigorous. “Livlaus” is a concept album which talks about a lost soul who is trying to find peace in the kingdom of the dead.
The only problem with “Livlaus” is that doesn’t separate itself from the other black metal (with atmospheric touches) albums at any point. I was born in the early 80s and have listened to tons of black metal of the 90s (the best period for black metal music) and, regretfully, I can say that “Livlaus” follows the same cliché way that all the black metal releases have been following in the last decade or more. The album is full of monotonous, flat, fast-tempo and evil (by the book) black metal, we’ve heard a thousand times before. Nothing to hold the listener’s interest throughout the album. This release surely addresses the die-hard black metal fans or the young ones who didn’t have the chance to catch up with the great black metal acts of the 90s. Either way you see it… it leaves a lot to be desired on the whole.