Orchid - The Mouths of Madness

Orchid The Mouths of Madness cover
The Mouths of Madness
Nuclear Blast
- “Hey dude what’s up? What are you listening to?”
- “Hey, I’m listening to Black Sabbath, they are truly awesome. They are my favorite band!”
- “Mine too! You know I can play the guitar!”
- “Cool I can sing too and know two other guys who can play the bass and the drums as well.”
- “Great! Let’s make a band then!”
- “Swell! Well shall we be called Dark Sabbath?”
- “No, they will make fun of us.”
- “Ohh crap. Shall we be called Black Sabbat?”
- “Hmm, good but they will understand that our major influence is Black Sabbath right away.”
- “Yeah, you’re right… Let’s call it Orchid”.
- “Good, but isn’t that a tune by Black Sabbath from “Master of Reality?”
- “Yeah, so what? It’s a cool name fella!”
- “I do like it! Way to go!
- “Do you remember our first chat about the band?”
- “Yeah, I do.”
- “I told you we were gonna be huge and no one would ever know about our Black Sabbath psychosis.”
- “Yeah, you’re so right big guy!”
- “Now let’s make a video for the song “Wizard of War”. Do you have any ideas?”
- “Well, I had a great idea last night… I was thinking of making the video black & white, like it’s the 70s with bell-bottom trousers and jamming in front of the camera.”
- “Good idea dude! We can even make it a bit like the “Paranoid” video.”
- “Whoaah! Swell! I can even have the same haircut with Ozzy!”
- “Do you think that some will make any comparisons?”
- “Come on dude, I’ve told you before people are stupid!”
- “Yeap, you’re right… and the “Paranoid” song won’t even playing in the background. So no one will notice!”
- “Sure! Our very own “Symptom of the Universe”… will!”
- “You butthead! The song is called “Wizard of War”…”
- “Sorry, I was carried away for a moment!”
- “We are so innovative and original… people will totally love us! Thank God Black Sabbath have retired a long time now!”
- “What the hell are you talking about? They are about to release a new album anytime soon with the "original" line-up!”
- “Ohh shit dude, we’re fucked!!!”