One-Way Mirror - Capture

One-Way Mirror Capture cover
One-Way Mirror
Pavement Entertainment
This is the third full-length album for the French One-Way Mirror almost a decade after became a band. Their modern rock/metal style may have given them a contract with Metal Blade back in 2008 but things have changed rapidly in the music industry since then.
This was the first time that I came upon this band and I wasn’t quite receptive since the first secs of the opener “Stinkin’ of Gold”. You see that rap-metal/hip-hop vocals at the beginning of the track were enough to make me wanna push “stop” instantaneously. Thankfully, this ain’t a full rap-metal album. It’s just some of the band’s influences that are mixed along with other music styles such as alternative, metalcore, post-hardcore, nu-metal, modern metal, industrial metal, extreme & electro-rock. The production is strong, full and modern on the whole.
This album addresses those who are fond of the abovementioned music styles. It’s too ordinary, flat, overdone & US sounding at parts in my opinion. Yeah, it doesn’t offer anything new to the specific music scene but it’s been done by the book so the music aficionados of that modern stuff will find it more pleasant than I did to a certain extent. Ohh, the cover on “Lady Marmalade” (by LaBelle) is very distasteful just like the original…