Oblivious Signal - Exordium

Oblivious Signal Exordium cover
Oblivious Signal
Pavement Entertainment
I’m reading a press release, that paints a pretty picture about, Oblivious Signal’s second (?) effort. And I’d hate to destroy it, but maybe it’s too much of a Cinderella story. Firstly, I don’t know if there’s a problem with the mastering – or my promo files – but I’m hearing some digital artifacts/noise (only on this promo and no my rather expensive speakers are not broken). This Floridian quartet is led by a lady who is a decent enough vocalist. Their style is a very melodic modern metal with almost poppy vocal lines at times that mixes that aspect with a lot of quite different influences and isn’t afraid to experiment tempo or genre wise. It’s based on keyboards and downtuned guitar riffs as one would expect and I guess, their singer Christina T sort of keeps the whole affair from becoming a completely depressive and minor key mess, since she seems both capable and has a pleasant enough timbre. I think she has a lot of prospects to get much better and she sounds a bit reserved… but who knows...
There are a number of songs ie, the consequent trio of “Decode”, “Crash” and “Medicine” that seem to rise above the average and it’s nice to see that the band experiments with slower and more daring arrangements towards the end of the album and that they keep the songs “electric” enough... is on “Archetype”. While Oblivious Signal’s style is not entirely my cup of tea, I cannot fail to see, ability and a certain flair and determination, burning in them... I would not hold it, against possibility that they might get quite interesting in the future. I guess if you’d like a more original and heavier version of something like Paramore or Evanescence, this might not be too bad... a selection for you.