Nitrogods - Nitrogods

Nitrogods cover
This dirty rock & roll band called Nitrogods, was formed by the guitarist Henny Wolter (Thunderhead, ex-Primal Fear, ex-Sinner), the drummer Klaus Sperling (Freedom Call, ex-Primal Fear) and the vocalist/bassist Oimel Larcher. It is obvious that they all share the same madness for dirty hard rock & roll music and worship bands like: Motorhead, ZZ Top, AC/DC etc.
So, based on the rock & roll music this dirty trio… likes to drink whiskey, beers and talk about women, hell and mess-up situations… that’s what rock & roll music is all about finally. Crank up the volume… put on your cowboy boots, your leather jacket… ride the Harley and head to the nearest filthy bar…
The album also has some great guest appearances by Dan McCafferty (vocals - Nazareth) on “Whiskey Wonderland” and the guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke (ex-Motorhead) on “Wasted In Berlin”. I did enjoy the album… all the time… cuz I very much like this kind of music… but my only objection is the lack of originality… it’s musically OK… in any case, you can’t go anywhere else… but it’s not so wise to try to sound like Lemmy… that just won’t do any good at all. Lemmy is unique in any way… so Oimel had better try to sing in his own personal way. Apart from this, all the other things are very good here… the sound is so damn dirty and rockin’ and that dull attitude… won’t leave the fans of the genre unsatisfied. The video for the song “At Least I'm Drunk” is awesome… as well as the song itself.