Nigromante - Black Magic Night

Nigromante Black Magic Night cover
Black Magic Night
Shadow Kingdom Records
Oh joy, another heavy metal, revivalist band, this time from Spain. Nigromante are not entirely bad, but they are not something special, in their simplistic classic heavy metal that draws influences from far too many bands to really make it distinguishable... they sound like a more noble and rock ‘n rollish Venom, with bits of Motorhead, Anvil, but also, Di’Anno Maiden when they were punkish and speedinous and everything non-descript in the NWOBHM… J
The vocals, are probably their weakest link, having both a trace of accent that the singer tries to hide by over singing in a weird mix that sounds like as if someone’s trying to choke Lemmy, Cronos and Udo in some Spanish whorehouse... I know it sounds, ideal, but trust me, it’s not as good as the description sounds… there’s also a thing, that they tend to have a bit of a “similarity” between the first few songs that sounded like your generic – filthy fast metal thrashy onslaught, but at least, things tend to diversify a bit from “False Idol” and beyond... also on the Spanish sung “Soy Un Macarra” things seem to get “crazier” and more fun! And the bands seems to be having a better time when they don’t take things too seriously like on “Satan Death Squad”... not that I think, that they’d really be the most like serious people on this planet like…
Well give them a listen if you like your metal DIRRRRRTY and FILTHY and HEAVY! I don’t occasionally mind it, but I just washed my hands you know…