Nightqueen - For Queen And Metal

For Queen And Metal
Massacre Records
Nightqueen is a band from Belgium, which was formed in 2004. After several line-up changes and two EP releases (“Nightqueen” in 2005 & “Inauguration” in 2010) they finally signed a deal with Massacre records and they released their debut album.
Fronted by Keely Larreina… Nightqueen are playing heavy metal music with various power & symphonic metal elements… they are not just another Nightwish-clone… cuz they are following the 80s heavy metal music formula more. The weird thing with this band is the vocalist… she has not got a good voice… and sometimes she sings off key… while the guys on the background are delivering some ordinary heavy metal music… full of clichés. What’s more, the production is somewhat weak… it reminded me of some demo productions… and in truth to be told, there’s nothing interesting to listen to here at all. The voice will irritate many of the listeners in the end… as it is also loud and right up front in the mix.
It could have been OK if this was an independent low budget release… but Massacre records may have heard something that most of us can’t… or they are just making fun… for their own reasons. Whenever I think that there are so many great metal bands out there, that go independently without any kind of label to support them… and then I hear so tedious works coming out and also having advertisements and videos for promotion… I truly… can’t stand it…