Never Trust - Morning Light

Never Trust Morning Light cover
Never Trust
Morning Light
Independent Release
Among the numerous debuts by newcomers, there are a bunch of them that are worth checking out. You can understand when a band truly loves the things it does and when it’s all for the pose and nothing more… at least most of the times. Never Trust are one of those good newcomers, from Italy, and even though they are not so much into my “musical territory”, I took the chance to listen to their debut album thoroughly and I do not regret doing so cuz’ it left me a good taste at long last.
The band started out in 2009 and after various recordings, live shows, contests etc. it decided to record its debut album. Well, 5 years is a good period for a young band to mature, settle down and release something good overall. Never Trust took that road and it did work for their own benefit. Three guys and one gal, on the mic, influenced by acts like Paramonre, Hey Monday, The Pretty Reckless, Avril Lavigne and so on… embellish (their) rock music with modern, pop-rock, pop-punk & alternative elements; this is what “Morning Light” is all about. But there’s more than that. Never Trust took a good care of their sound and that’s something that you do not easily see on independent releases today. The album was produced, arranged and mixed by Onil Utsis & Jimmy Temper for Nookstudio, Cleveland, Ohio, USA and mastered by Dave Towne @ Welcome to 1979, Nashville, Tennesse, USA. Do you get my point here? The production is totally professional, powerful, full and modern!
So as not to give a wrong impression to those who haven’t heard a track by the band, I must say that Never Trust do have a “harder edge” than the aforementioned bands. Their musical approach might be placed under the “modern” category but the guys (along with the gal huh!) have a fine taste for good melodies, the musicianship is, remarkably strong and their tracks (check out “Worthless”, “Honey”, “Heartbreak Warning” & “What is Mine” for instance) are not forgettable as it commonly happens with most bands of their genre. I was also surprised to realize that they don’t come from the UK, as they have that British twist on their music. At any rate, Never Trust is a band that deserves to be checked out by those who fancy modern rock music with female vocals.