Neuronspoiler - Emergence

Neuronspoiler Emergence cover
Independent Release
All this heavy metal 80s “resurrection phase” that we’re having this time-period will lead to something good sooner or later but till then we will have to tolerate bands that just “copy-paste” the 80s metal bands. I do like bands that take the good elements of that era, mix them with their own features and present something that’s contemporary and not outdated. That’s exactly the case with Neuronspoiler…
The band was formed in 2009 by several guys that are coming from 4 different countries. That’s a multi-cultural band or what huh?! The band is based in England. Having a desire to play the music they love the most, these guys are blending classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal and 90s heavy/thrash music (ala Metallica, Megadeth etc.) under their own personal perspective. The good thing with Neuronspoiler is that they have purposely avoided to sound like the 80s bands, look like them and wannabe them eventually. That was something that drew my attention to this band. Another thing worth mentioning is the excellent, crunchy-heavy production. Responsible for that is the renowned producer Guillermo “Will” Maya (The Answer, Breed 77, Adrian Smith). Even though “Emergence” is an independent release, the guys took good care of it and I’m glad they did so. That’s precisely what you should do if you wanna be a pro band in every level. The futuristic cover artwork is another plus as well.
Riff-laden hard & heavy music, with decent melodies, great performances and lots of rockin’ attitude… that’s how “Emergence” can be described in a few words. These guys show how the “be inspired by the 80s-90s metal era” slogan should be like. “Through Hell We March”, “Take the Stage”, “Invisible Man”, “Dying Worlds” & “Never Back Down” are a few tasteful samples of that. If you find yourself disordered by all this “reviving the 80s metal music” trend, then it’s better to prefer bands that are real on what they do and they do not wanna be anything else expect for themselves.
Neuronspoiler is one of those newcomers that hold the metal flame alive and they don’t muck about. I really can’t understand how no label has grabbed them yet, but I see that happening in due time of course. After all, in our time all that matters is how good the music is and not if you’re under a label. Indie bands are doing great without those “brain-heads” that have made music a sack of shit.
Neuronspoiler have the potential to go much further, only if they play their cards well from now on. The first step is pretty successful but that makes me anticipate more from them in the next years. “Emergence” is an excellent debut album that dusts most of the releases of the so-called wannabe 80s metal bands of this time-period…
PS: You can get the album here.