Mushroomhead - A Wonderful Life

Mushroomhead A Wonderful Life cover
A Wonderful Life
Napalm Records
Mushroomhead is back with their new album, “A Wonderful Life”. The octet, Steve Rauckhorst (clean vocals), Jason “J Mann” Popson (harsh and rapped vocals), Jackie LaPonza (female vocals), Ryan Farrell (bass, keyboards), Tom Shaffner (guitars), Rick Thomas (keyboards, samples), Steve “Skinny” Felton (drums, percussion, production), and Robbie Godsey (additional percussion), has made some changes in this chapter of MRH.
Even though it’s been more than 5 years between releases, Mushroomhead has been growing its overseas audience. They had an idea to rebrand itself, which it accomplished. The group watched the European fan base blossom, which then led to the signing with Napalm Records.
Honestly, while the album was somewhat enjoyable to me, it was really nothing remarkable. They’re pretty much still sporting that early 2000’s metal sound. The riffs are pretty formulaic, and average. Also, some of the songs feel like they drag on forever because they feel so slow. The addition of a female vocalist does add something extra to the music though. Borrowing the sounds of the vocalists from the past didn’t make this anything new, or evolution-like.
Would I recommend this album? Maybe, if you like Mushroomhead, you’ll probably enjoy the album. Otherwise, it will only be something I listen to when I need a change of pace, and I didn’t particularly find any of the songs memorable. Also, with the album having 16 tracks, and being just over an hour in length, it can be a slog to get through.
“A Wonderful Life” is just ironic that it happened at the time of a pandemic. Hope you all are safe and healthy.