Major Parkinson - Blackbox

Major Parkinson Blackbox cover
Major Parkinson
Karisma Records
This Norwegian band with the “strange” name, which also plays kinda “weird” music, is back with their new, fourth, studio album, three years after their previous one “Twilight Cinema”. Those who are aware of the band know what to expect in a way, at least… but those who haven’t heard of them before will be totally shocked either positively or negatively; it’s up to everyone’s personal music taste from a certain point after.
I do think that the term “prog rock” cannot describe the band’s music style… not that there’s a specific music style for their music. But, you see, we came up to a point where “progressive” music is something “precise” with “specific” rules & guidelines that sets the “prog” way. Is that really what progressive music is all about?! Damn, prog music has lost its actual meaning due to the profit of the big companies who have turned everything into the same thing in order to sell more to the average consumer. Anyhow, this is not the point of this review, so let’s focus on the album.
Major Parkinson blends various music styles such as ambient, prog rock, synth-pop, pop/rock, pop, electro-pop, neo-prog, future-pop, cinematic and atmospheric pop/rock; this music mix shows the experimental character of the band’s music, which changes from track to track. This kind of music would be ideal for a movie or a TV series soundtrack somehow. Add the “deep voice” (narrative style) to that along with the female vocals and you’ve got something artful, experimental and poppy on the whole. “Blackbox” is not meant for every time of the day nor for every listener… someone should be in a certain mood in order to enjoy it fully. This album is only for open-minded listeners, who are not afraid to try out new “weird” music at large.