Majesty - Generation Steel

Majesty Generation Steel cover
Generation Steel
Noiseart Records
Majesty, who briefly changed their name to Metalforce, for one album on Manowar’s magic circle music, before reverting to their original name, are back with their probably seventh studio effort. Led by Tarek Magharyone of the two promoters behind Keep it True and similar German dedicated to classic metal festivals and involving a revolving cast of musicians around him (most of which have also been in other either known, or semi-obscure bands previously).
Majesty’s style is classic Teutonic metal, with a lot of Manowar and Omen references. Tarek’s voice itself is a little weird, his range isn’t too great, but he knows how to compensate for it, by using it smartly. His lower-mids, remind me of a less vitriolic, James Rivera, (before he launches in his signature falsettos) and he applies his range over a bellowing rumble that’s a little reminiscent of J.D Kimball. Had he a wider range he’d be pretty fucking awesome, but he ain’t half as bad at what he does.
The band churns out, typical and quite enjoyable classic metal, in the aforementioned style, which you’ll either love or hate and up to a point is a little “over the top”, but since Tarek’s dedication to the scene is undeniable, through his actions, even the occasional slip into the realm of “Manowarism”, (a world where, majesty and slight comedy are both alive and well) is forgiven and forgotten. I mean on previous albums Majesty must have some sort of effing record, for mentioning “metal” in their lyrics... as if they were being paid, by every time it’s mentioned “ie metal to the metalheads”! (hehe) Thankfully that trend seems to have been curbed here and they use other “original” epic metal phrases, that you’ve surely heard a hundred times before, but at least it’s not too obvious or annoying!
Fact of the matter “Hawks Will Fly” with its ultra, chest beating rhythm, recalls Manowar, to the T, but probably sounds even better than anything on “Lord of Steel”.
“Circle of Rage” ain’t too bad, but the sturdier and more developed “Shout at the World” that follows it sounds a lot better.
“Damnation Hero” is even more epic, sounding and tries to up on the majesty, with some fake choirs and doesn’t fail. This is a faux-Manowar/tribute, par excellence. Then again there’s only one Eric Adams...
“Children of the Dark” isn’t too bad, but “playing” the same motif a few times over, here, sounds a little “tired” and even the nice riff and cool atmosphere, doesn’t help much in the context of the album, as a stand-alone, the song is quite worthwhile.
Thankfully “The Last Reward” is slower and more majestic, the closest thing Majesty might come to a ballad, lyrical song, although it's quite heavy hearted.
“Knights of the Empire” that comes following, is a lot faster, but somewhat disappoints during the fast passing verses. Its chorus is its salvation.
“Rulers of the World” is typical of the late 80s pomp of Manowar and true to that, it manages to deliver itself without veering entirely into self-parody, which also “War for Metal” surprisingly avoids, as it avoids to mention, “metal” too many times, other than “those pesky chorus repetitions”… actually, the band and Tarek, pull all stops and it sort of works quite marvelously, it’s an anthemic song that closes the album quite fittingly.
This album as well as probably all of Majesty’s works, fits a niche of epic metal that it serves well, it’s not without its flaws, but some of those characterize most but the finest bands of this sub-genre. Through the years, Majesty have won their place, amongst their peers and their respect as well. I have to give them props for that and their dedication to “the metal” (whatever exactly that is)…